Amit Schechter

I’m a software developer specializing in rich, sometimes-animated, often-complex user interfaces and data visualizations. I've been building interactive things for the web since people still called it cyberspace. I currently work at an asset management firm on a data science and investment team.

Previously, I cofounded TWO-N, where I executed and/or oversaw design and development of countless data visualization projects by our 10-person team. The company continues to thrive today.

I’ve worked in many domains and with wide variety of datasets, including financial (Equities, ESG, P&I), geospatial, demographics, network/graph visualizations, advertising, architectural and real-time 3D braodcast graphics.

In my current role, I collaborate with my data scientist colleagues and asset managers to build portfolio creation and research tools. We use financial data, news and other documents with machine learning algorithms (NLP, network centrality, similarity analysis) to classify and rank equities, with bold UI design and visual explaination of the analyses.

You are invited to explore some of the work on the projects page. My current work is not publicly available, but if you’re interested in seeing my professional work, interactive data visualizations and UI, you could start with any of these projects, most of which I completed while at TWO-N:

If you’re more interested in generative art, plotters, mathematical concepts or impractical ideas, check out these side projects I built on Observable: